Carrot, meet stick...

Employers have been submitting to threats made by Dr Yaniv and thereby putting the employees at risk of emotional or financial harm. By not refusing service to Yaniv on the grounds that Yaniv will most assuredly go after their employees if they don't wax the good doctor's balls or suck the doctor's derriere. Either with a hissy fit or by sic'ng Miriam Yaniv on them, or dragging the vulnerable into court on orchestrated charges, as was done with Donald Francis Smith.
Any employer who does NOT refuse service to Yaniv is putting their employees' fundamental rights and freedoms at risk, and consequently providing the employee with a #CauseOfAction to sue the employer for not providing a workplace free from predatory persons, transgender or otherwise.

Read the article about the Tort of Harassment endorses by the Canadian Supreme Court to get an idea of the storm brewing. You can also read about the Ontario equivalent, Tort of Hurt Feelings, whose Court of Appeal quashed the Harassment Tort in their jurisdiction.