SUR/PA/237538 » R & YANIV v SMITH

SUR-PC-237538  | Interesting, this almost slipped the schedule.. The most recent victim of Dr Yaniv's vexatious litigation (Dec30 process application by Yaniv) is due in room #102 of the Surrey Provincial Courts on 2020Jan21 at 0930PST.
This is for disposition of the charges, so we're actually hoping that Mr Smith's counsel requests bail, and Crown doesn't make an idiot of itself by being Yaniv's mule any longer.


Because, as hinted at by the following:

Mr Smith is gonna have a reasonable improbability of receiving damages for the malicious prosecution he was subject to due to the predatory vexatious nature of Therapist Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv, PhD right? The BCProsecution Service was NOT Yaniv's vexatious pawn in a petty exertion of power and superiority over the mentally handicapped Mr Smith.

So to recap, Mr Smith is due in Surrey Provincial Court on Tuesday, January 21st at 0930PST for disposition of the malicious propersecution orchestrated by Dr Yaniv which sees Mr Smith accused charged as follows:

  1. On December 3rd, 2019 in the city of Surrey, BC the accused, Mr Donald Francis Smith, did stalk (CCC 264 Criminal Harassment) Dr Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, PhD.
  2. On December 5th, 2019 the accused, Mr Donald Francis Smith, did threaten (CCC 264.1 Uttering Threats) to cause death or bodily harm to Dr Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, PhD.
  3. On December 11th, 2019 the accused, Mr Donald Francis Smith, did breach (CCC 145(5.1) ) an undertaking given to a peace officer not to have contact with Dr Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, PhD.

Now, given that the TrustedNerd Therapist Dr Yaniv must be over 180 IQ, and poor Mr Smith is a literal retard, and Yaniv went the extra furlong to coordinate the breaches with such accuracy using sock accounts and burner phones to initiate or prompt contact, Donald is going to be locked away for a good 2 years less a day.

Is it right and just that the BCProsecution service assisted Dr Yaniv with pursuing legal action against, and maliciously prosecuting, Mr Donald Francis Smith? After all, the ends of keeping him off the streets and preventing him from confronting and slandering those beneficial vexatious litigants and reported sexual predator potatoes like Dr Jessica Jonathan Yaniv justifies the means by with the accused committed those breaches, right?

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Italics might be taken to mean I'm being sarcastic, cuz this is a pretty damn near certain case of malicious prosecution. The Crown is so stupid they're wilfully ignoring the predatious potato's pattern of lying under oath, and his tendency to file vexatious litigation on unreasonable grounds.