Update about Donald's Predicament, eh?

Here's a short clip from Roadkill Radio providing an update from someone who isn't afraid to get her hands dirty.

Editor's note: That is very convenient. Hypothetically, it allows for the collation of exculpatory evidence that proves the malicious nature of the prosecution Crown started at the behest of Yaniv, possibly with falsified/distorted information. As demonstrated in Drainville v. Vilchez it is possible in extreme case (extreme like a predator potato) for damages to be awarded  in a malicious prosecution case where the defendant wasn’t the police or the Crown, but a private individual. Wherein the informant acted malicuiously and in bad faith, and a malicious prosecution suit is being brought against a private individual.
Although, Adrian Picard seems a bit detached. I think he's retained by Legal Aid, or a state-provided attorney.