SUR/PA/237425 » R v Yaniv re Weapons Charges

This update courtesy of The Proletariat Mook. The Jan13 matter was adjourned (by a month) to Feb 10, 2020 to "Consult Legal Counsel".

The thing is Dr Yaniv, if you were to consult legal counsel, they would tell you to get the trial over as soon as possible, given your predilection for assaulting members of the press with weapons, or just your deadly fists, every day you delay the hearing, means you've more chance of demonstrating the need for a custodial sentence, and increasing the term of such a sentence.

The following just demonstrates Dr Yaniv in commission of offences. Wondering if BCProsecution will be receiving a similar based collection of information demonstrating the need for a custodial sentence. What do you think?



Did you know that's it's not a good idea to facilitate the malicious propersecution of the mentally handicapped, Dr Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, PhD? Victimizing and persecuting a member of a protected class?

Your "Transgender Advocacy" rights got nothing on this, whereby you may have hoped to counsel vulnerable young biological females in the intricate relation of transgender fetishism and underage menstrual fetishism..

Remember that you to are safe, as we require for you to be unharmed in order to properly be able to stand trial for your criminal offences, right? So you gotta be able to walk, you gotta be able to talk. You're safe, because we're coming for you babe. Legally and lawfully, we're coming for you.

Donald is safe and sound, well protected. You my friend, are not.