The Good Doctor Therapist Yaniv Goes Manic

The enclosed is an article we posted to the KiwiFarms under one of our avatars, in response to a continuing question about the nature of Vexatious Transgender Therapist J. Jonathan Yaniv, PhD.
No sooner had we posted it, than our account was terminated and the article unpublished. It looks like the Gay Mafia may have infiltrated the Farms...

Although it looks like our mirror on was partially successful. You can view it at and the dead link is here.

Below you can find our reconstitution of the article.
Enjoy the motherf—king show my friends!


Vancouver Litigation:
Well, the three in Vancouver Provincial Court are CSO-VAN-PA-257307, CSO-VAN-PA-257308, CSO-VAN-PA-257309. These are scheduled for a hearing on 2020Feb25 at 0900PST in Vancouver Provincial Court #100. These three are out of his normal beat.



Surrey Litigation:
It looks like there's a row added from A (02/04—02/05), and then a delta of 10 B (from 02/09-02/11).


People have a RIGHT to be informed of a private application hearing reference, the date, time, and place, and the party making an application. Most Registry staff just see the "LIMITED ACCESS" and "Access Restricted" and make the erroneous leap to "PUBLICATION BAN". The results show up the same as a PUBLICATION BAN but there isn't one.

A PUBLICATION BAN looks like this from Donald's matter, whereby they were allegedly protecting the identity of a cop found guilty of domestic battery and forcible confinement was kicked out of Ontario just weeks before a cop with the same name popped up in Vancouver:


The proles at SUR are still catching on, but at least VAN has its shit together, which is why they've been prompt about provision of information opposite SUR which can't find its own ass, it seems. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy for a person to make an application to a PUBLIC court in secrecy, and so therefore it MUST be made public the date, time, place, and person making application. In the interests of an open, fair and impartial judiciary that is, but who really cares about how the sausage is made, right?