To Understand a Predator Potato: Paranoia Querulans and Vexatious Litigation

This writer has always understood Dr Yaniv is a predatory potato posing as a vexatious litigant, and that the judiciary having an inherent revulsion to peeling potatoes, will never truly understand the writhing creepy crawlies that exist at the very core of our favourite cognitively impaired serial pain-in-the-ass Mr Jonathan Gill Yaniv.

I am personally of the opinion that Mr Yaniv suffered a break with reality prior to his legal change of name and gender, rendering both these cornerstones of his delusional perpetuation to be of non substance.
You cannot enter into a contract or legally request or consent to a legal action if you're a fuckin' loon. Simple as that.


So in the lull before the storm brewing over at the Yaniv establishment as Miriam Yaniv (the saner, albeit barely, member of the family) slowly comes to the realization that not only has her son rendered his estate vulnerable to civil asset forfeiture, but also herself, I've been peeling potatoes, attempting understand what makes them tick.

By enabling and actually conveying her @BustedPerv son to harass and attempt the extortion of a vulnerable and proud male, the delicate and proud Miriam Yaniv has also put her own estate up for grabs when the litigant debtors kick her door in and demand payment in full.

I've only recently started to really try to understand the mechanisms by which Mr Yaniv has become a veritable loonie, and this research has led me to secure a promising study on madness between psychiatry and law.

And it's mirrored here, even before I finish it. I dare you to see if you too can peel the predatory potato Dr Yaniv, and you'll NEVER look at fries the same again.