JJY v Hot Mess Salon No 2 2020 BCHRT 42 Anon

It looks like one of the anons on the Farms has posted a corrected version of the BCHRT judgement which was improperly redacted. I believe the standard in BC for Redaction of Personal Identifiers is the redaction to initials only, so as to provide for an open and accessible judiciary.

You'll note that in this judgment JJY used some SEO wizardry and attempted to defame or otherwise tarnish the personal character of Jayme Simpson and Hot Mess Salon. By peppering their testimony with it appears that JJY did make a concerted effort to impugn the reputations of Jayme Simpson and Hot Mess Salon with a nefarious and calculated association with discrimination and the purveyance of pornographic materials.

"[JJY] testified that in order to be locked out of Instagram it is necessary to.. send or receive pornographic material."
"What I would like you to do.. is forward it [the human rights complaint] to her personal address if and when you receive it [the human rights complaint]. I don’t want her doing this to anyone else at any other salon."


Now, you'll note that we have a really interesting article about the Tort of Harassment which would potentially enable the employee of Hot Mess Salon who was harassed by JJY and who actually lost her employment consequent to the employer not protecting its employees from harassment by JJY..


"As an employer, it is your obligation under the law to protect your employees from harassment. But beyond that, it’s simply the right thing to do. No one should ever be afraid to go to work. By building a culture of respect you can prevent and mitigate against harassment and potential liability."

It would be interesting to see the employee that was wrongfully terminated as a result of JJY's concerted harassment and bad faith dealings gain representation. It'd be rather amusing to see this employee, whose employer failed to protect from the vexatious actions and generally slimy nature of JY, go after her employer via the Tort of Harassment or the BC equivalent.


I'm gonna just sit back and watch.. as I watch the perverted world of Jessica Jonathan Yaniv burn, I'm gonna feel a warm sense of happiness. I'll be happy when Therapist J. Jonathan Yaniv is sitting in jail, fighting with the other cray-cray folk at Colony Farm.

Enjoy the show, and don't forget to bring marshmallows.