SUR/PC/85518 » Yaniv v Szucs et al » Scheduling Adjustment

CSO/SUR/PC/85518 | It looks like in the commotion, SUR-PC-85518 (Yaniv v Physio Table) was recently updated (on Mon Feb 24), with a Scheduling Adjustment to be Apr 17 at 1030PDT.
And in other news, it looks like Yaniv filed a 125± page Nothing Burger at the Surrey Registry on 2019Oct11.


This will provide some fodder for an intensive study session on the epidemic of our Munchausen afflicted neighbours. However, as relayed by the helpful Clerk at Surrey Provincial Court, this looks to be approximately 8CAD + 125CAD±, So, somebody would have to be there in person and pay the search fee (8 dubloons) and amount per page ($1 x 125) so about 133 dubloonies, give or take.

I'm willing to pitch in 35 dubloonies, so that'd be a start towards a collection platter, or if somebody is able (like a party to the claim, but not the douche Abrioux) to grab it, we'll need a proper scan or you can just fax it to us. It'd be great if one of the parties were to submit the file (your anonymity is assured, as we're treating this as whistleblower grade materiel about the perversion of justice in British Columbia) and if you want more info, drop us a note at or and we'll look into other avenues of being named party to the matter.