Parallel Construction » Hamm vs Hambeast

We just got confirmation from Vicki Fullerton, Manager of Registry Operations at Surrey Provincial Court that they are aware of the scheduling conflict that has Yaniv scheduled to appear in two different courts at the same time on Monday March 16, 2020.
Ms Fullerton would neither confirm nor deny that this was done in order to discourage public participation in the vexatious StarChamber of Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv.
This story will be updated as we acquire additional information.


However, given that you read all the way down here, we're going to disclose the direct contact number for Ms Vicki Fullerton, so that you can express your desire for her to discontinue her prevention of public participation in the legal processes of their community.

You can contact Vicki Fullerton directly at 604-572-2249 to further ask her why she is preventing public participation and awareness of the shifty-shoddy parallel construction attempt of Dr Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, PhD.

Alternatively, you can speak with Annalise at the Surrey Criminal Registry via 604-572-2200 and ask her to explain the multitude of vexatious private prosecutions being granted to The BustedPerv. Dr Yaniv opened 237804 on 2020Jan13 and 237805 on 2020Jan15. 237804 was stayed by Crown and 237805 is scheduled for a hearing of its meritorious nature.

Both Vicki and Annalise are super helpful, so don't hesitate to call Vicki and ask for confirmation that they're intentionally creating a scheduling conflict in order to enact their primitive #StarChamber protocol.  Tell them Chad says Hi...