Expect a bloodbath, you piece of shit...

So, we've received a death threat that Jessica Jonathan Yaniv tried to couch in terminology qualifying the statement as a threat of legal action, thereby triggering the caveat to the Criminal Code's definition of what constitutes a threat, wherein it goes something like "..a threat of civil legal action is not a threat, for the purposes of this Act".

Jessica Jonathan Yaniv couched the tirade in such a fashion that it could be represented as intent to file civil legal claim(s) against the parties being threatened, which in this case, is pretty much every single informant contributing to BustedPerv.com.

However, Yaniv signed off with the phrase:

"That's gonna be pretty fucking ugly. Instead of..
expect a bloodbath, you piece of shit."

No reasonable person would interpret that as a reference to civil legal action. Especially, when taking into account this particular actor's predilection to "whack" targets with steel bars, to throw fists of fatty bone, or to generally assault individuals whilst shouting "go away", that pretty much destroys any possibility of alleged intent as a mitigating factor.

And, a threat of "bloodbath" can generally only be achieved by one so obese as Yaniv by the use of an edged weapon, like a knife, a machete, or a broken bottle. He, she, it.. might claim to be on its period, but a little anal bleeding doesn't really create a "bloodbath".

Therefore, I have reason to believe that my friends and informants are likely to become targets of the big potato's wrath.. and because most of my sources wish to remain anonymous, I greatly fear that the general public will likely become the target of an unhinged assailant. Dr Yaniv has reportedly stalked around the residential premises of The Hawthorne meowing like a stray cat, trying to draw out an informant who's online handle is WG Kitty.

Walnut Grove Kitty is just one of our informants, and for all Jessica Jonathan Yaniv knows, could be the next person that steps on the elevator and gags at the sign of Yaniv in a pink frock or with an apparently bulging diaper. Yaniv will most likely assault anyone it suspects of being an informant for Covfefe Operations.

Elevator Diaper

For contiguity, this is what @LangleyRCMP thinks about protecting anonymous informants residing near @TrustedNerd.


Anonymous (not verified), Thu, 04/02/2020 - 20:34
Anonymous (not verified), Fri, 05/01/2020 - 00:25
That's not a bulging diaper. That is a poorly performed testicle tuck job.