Scribd Censored Covfefe Operations, aka VexLit

Our Scribd account was censored on account of our encouraging the victims of Therapist Dr Yaniv's threatening to electrocute any cisgender persons within reach.
Our Scribd account was also used to inform court participants about the status of the BC Provincial Court Quarantine Protocol.
This was done in response to the "Copyright Complaint" of Jessica Jonathaan Yaniv on or about March 20th, 2020.

We're enclosing a change of communications with a representative of Scribd whom I'll call "Jason" who seems to be a Jack of all trades, operating as an employee for Support Desk matters, and as a Legal Operations manager for Scribd. He's a snarky son-of-a-bitch, too.

Covfefe Operations to Scribd re Termination
Covfefe Operations to Scribd re Addendum
Scribd to Covfefe Operations re Termination
Covfefe Operations to Scribd Ingsoc Enforcement re Censorship
Scribd Ingsoc Enforcement re Censorship

So, fuck Scribd. These guys host shitloads of stuff, but as soon as they receive a complaint from Therapist Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, PhD on or about March 20th, 2025, they bend over backwards to pleasure him by preventing, or attempting to prevent, our informing victims of Dr Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, PhD of their ability and effectiveness of submitting Victim Impact Statements to be considered for Yaniv's upcoming sentencing.

As a side effect, Scribd also neutralized, or other reduced effectiveness of, our informing legal system participants about the Quarantine Protocol affecting "..the enforcement and administration of justice in Canada".

So fuck you, Jason, Scribd Support Worm who moonlights as Jason, Legal Operations Manager. Fuck you and your petty sympathy for the predatory vexatious litigant and alleged sexual predator Ms. Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, a ma'am who has a penis and an attributed attraction to underage females.

Victim Impact Statement


Anonymous (not verified), Sat, 03/28/2020 - 06:23
See @stopboylover on twitter exposing same guy you deal with Jason Bentley as a pedophile who blogs about gay dating sites and watching children have sex!