The Covfefe Killbox studies Dr Yaniv

The Covfefe Killbox is a composite term, an application of FM 3-09.34 to the study of a target via Communications Over Various Electronic Feeds For Engagement. Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv is a Person of Interest. We, as members of an elite squad known as the Pedophilia Exposure News Information Service, seek to unmask this alleged predator potato for the charlatan and mentally ill individual he has show himself to be.
This post will analyze the pieces, and attempt to extrapolate some of the Christmas Surprise awaiting Dr Yaniv who, if he's lucky, will soon be undertaking a relaxing 30-day vacation at the Colony Farm Resort.

We acquired the majority this information from the Farms, which don't really exist. It's a long story, but a true tale of depravity that never happens in this "civilized" world.

Please stand-by for updates...