SUR/PA/237804-and-5 Yaniv, Jessica Jonathan Personal Application

Files: 237804, 237805
Created: 2020Jan13, 2020Jan15
Location: Surrey
Level: Provincial
Class: Criminal (Adult)
Style: Personal Application by YANIV, Jessica Jonathan
Schedule: Next 2020Feb05 @ 0930H    in Court #310


Anonymous (not verified), Tue, 02/04/2020 - 23:49
I'm guessing that 237804 & 237805 were Personal Applications made by the evil and predatory Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv, PhD. 237804 was probably relating to Mr Smith, while 237805 is relating to Amy Hamm, the reporter whom J. Jonathan Yaniv claims assaulted it in the washroom on Jan15. Conveniently, Yaniv opened his.. her.. its file #237805 at the Surrey Registry on Jan15, just two days after he/she/it opened file #237804 to continue harassing the mentally inferior (the good doctor must have an IQ of at LEAST 180!) Mr Donald Francis Smith.

Bravo, Dr Yaniv! You're protecting the public from the retards trying to exist amongst us. How DARE they.. oh, and 237804 was kicked to the ground by Crown. Now, they're just giving Yaniv enough rope to do something in illustration of its ratiosensational legal process.

We bow before the champion of LGBTQRSTUVWXYZLMNOP equality!