SUR/PC/85518 » Yaniv v Szucs et al

CSO/SUR/PC/85518 | It looks like in the commotion, SUR-PC-85518 (Yaniv v Physio Table) was recently updated (on Mon Feb 24) and as soon as we have the update filings from CSO, we'll publish them here.
We had previously reached out to Counsel for Medelco, the firm Alex Holburn, requesting that they cooperate by sharing filings and intelligence about Yaniv, but they told us in no uncertain words that they want nothing to do with our motley band of anons. I'll dig up some more juicy conversations this weekend while we dig for the updated fiings.


This will serve as a placeholder for another nice conversation with Alexander Holburn we'll put together over the weekend.. I think this time we'll dump a conversation we had with either Derek Frenette or Lanny Robinson.
Juicy, like a rare 8-oz steak.