SUR/PA/237425 | Potatoes Brandishing Weapons

Therapist JJ Yaniv is scheduled next appearance on March 16, 2020 at 0930PDT in Surrey Court #102 for his.. her.. its weapons charges relating to the unwarranted brandishing and unsolicited discharge a restricted weapon over a livestream on 2019Aug05.



Now that the world knows about Dr Yaniv's predilection towards unsolicited discharge and general lewd behaviours such as creepy photographing the personal experience of underage females in the public washroom, cisgender little girls and immigrant businesswomen can sleep a little more soundly at night. These potentiate victims of the vexatious litigant and generally busted pervert can rest assured that the WGKitty and a posse of Chads are standing on guard outside the door of #DrYaniv and will report on any movement made by the venereal predator.

Assault in Bathroom

The Good Doctor Jessica Jonathan Yaniv, PhD gets to explain to the court why he, she, it.. isn't ready for trial at a hearing For Disposition on on March 16, 2020 at 0930PST in Surrey Court #102.

To be honest, this writer is rather dismayed at how slowly the @BCProsecution has been in coming to the inescapable realization that Dr Yaniv must be detained for a Fitness Assessment to ensure the he can grasp the scope and severity of the charges brought against him. The Good Doctor has been showing an alarming tendency to physically attack members of the media on Crown lands, made patently false allegations of a reputation-damaging nature, and has reportedly continued to harass and attempt the extortion of individuals whose opinions or beliefs do not comport with the ideology of Transgender Therapist Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv.