The 9th Estate

Twitter Suspension

I've set-up a bare-bones room on Riot. Get the client and send me a message here, on twitter via @jjyaniv or via email and I'll invite. I respect your privacy, consider any and all members public interest parties or litigants.

Note: Twitter suspended our Predator Exposure News Information Service accounts, so they're all gone Pete Tong.

So I basically don't disclose your info w/o proper court order. And I generally tell others to fuck off and enjoy the #Covfefe.

Can you catch predatory therapist Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv?
Note: Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv (wanna-be pedophile cos-playing a woman hoping it will overcome his inherent repulsive qualities) is abusing our public service infrastructure to service his sexual fetishes. He is literally getting off at the taxpayer's expense.