The Edgelord's Christmas Surprise? (UPDATED)

On November 8th, 2019 the Propersecuted Waxologists targeted by Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv, PhD applied to the court for an Enforcement Order for the damages they were awarded in the recent BC/HRT debacle.

BC CSO VLC S L 190456 Case Parties Isolated
CSO-VLC-S-L-190456 Requisition for Enforcement Order

This means that at some point after being awarded damages by Devyn Cousineau in her October 22nd, 2019 decision, the pro/persecuted parties filed for an Enforcement Order from the Vancouver Courts to make sure that they get their money from the notorious grifter Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv, PhD.

Now, I think this might pose a problem, as there is a reasonable likelihood that the Dr Yaniv's residence is in the name of his mother, Miriam Yaniv. Same goes for the car, because he likely weaseled his way past some certain asset tests to further his Munchausen-driven saga. Any asset test will likely return that he is penniless, all the better to grift the Government with, my friends.

As for wage garnishment, you tell me. Maybe if he gets a job as a gunt fetishist masseuse, he'll get any decent green.