Birth of a Predator Potato

This site is intended to be an introduction to the journey of Jonathan Yaniv metamorphosized from an awkward teenage idiot-savant and rapidly blossomed into a predatory-schizophrenic, in this writer's opinion. This poor individual was, instead of being helped by the systems of governance, made victim to his own illness by an overtly communist body of governance. Rather than getting the help he so desperately needs, Jonathan is being used by the systems of corrupt governance which exist in British Columbia to reinforce the narrative that facts don't really matter, that this one individual's personal feelings (no matter how disordered) are the only thing that counts, and neither the facts nor the Supreme Law of Canada have any bearing.

Not to mention that in one of the Dr Yaniv's BCHRT arguments he ineffectually sperged about "the balance of probabilities" as justification of the argument that one person's delusions outweighed a number of other Vancouver residents' fundamental rights and freedoms. That "those people" had no right to refuse service on any grounds whatsoever.
Nobody wants to touch your balls, Jonathan. Get over it and stop bullying (or trying to bully) those whom you deem to be "lower" than you.

Please stand-by as we assemble an easy to understand introduction to this rapidly developing story and understand how the government healthcare system failed this mentally ill child, Jonathan.