Party to Settlement Conference of Yaniv vs Szucs et al

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the settlement conference of Dr Jessica Yaniv against Natalie Szuchs et al. It has been posited in the darkest recesses of the interwebz that Yaniv went after Natalie Szuchs principally because she wouldn't allow Dr Yaniv to perform a mammary examination of her as a part of the treatment plan originally proposed by Dr Yaniv.
Now, we're unsure of the validity of this supposition, but it does follow the generally creepy pervish nature of the alleged sexual predator JJ Yaniv, PhD.


In the interests of fulfilling our stated mission of securing and publishing relevant documents and verifiable information about the activities of predatory vexatious litigants in our community, we are considering reaching out to the invite list for the Settlement Conference on April 17th, 2020.

Now, we are doing this secure in the knowledge that Alexander Holburn has conveyed our wishes to "..consider signing an NDA if either of your client's wish, as that will codify what I can and cannot republish, and in the interest of full disclosure, I've reopened the PedoFiles publication file for Yaniv, but I've tailored the transcript of our conversation and minimized any identifying information. Although if people dig closely, they'll see that the @JJYaniv twitter account recently followed your office's Twitter account. I'd rather not step on any toes, so some sort of guidelines of what your client does/doesn't want published. However, you'll also note that given the nature of his behaviour, there are a different set of privacy rules at play, given the codified rubric loosely titled 'Public Interest Paramount'."

(Excerpt from email to Derek Frenette and Lanny Robinson on November 18, 2019.)

This will provide some fodder for an intensive study session on the epidemic of our Munchausen afflicted neighbours. However, as relayed by the helpful Clerk at Surrey Provincial Court, this looks to be approximately 8CAD + 125CAD±, So, somebody would have to be there in person and pay the search fee (8 dubloons) and amount per page ($1 x 125) so about 133 dubloonies, give or take.

I'm willing to pitch in 35 dubloonies, so that'd be a start towards a collection platter, or if somebody is able (like a party to the claim, but not the douche Abrioux) to grab it, we'll need a proper scan or you can just fax it to us. It'd be great if one of the parties were to submit the file (your anonymity is assured, as we're treating this as whistleblower grade materiel about the perversion of justice in British Columbia) and if you want more info, drop us a note at or and we'll look into other avenues of being named party to the matter.


I'll add to this as the plan to secure reliable records and information about the Vexatious Litigant and Transgender Activist Dr J. Jonathan Yaniv, PhD develops. We have a stated intention to act in order to warn members of the community and enable them to protect themselves from this threat to their safety and well-being.