VLC/SL/19-0456 » Statutory Enforcement

This capture comes from the KiwiFarms, and as somebody on there posited, it looks like as Dr Yaniv has been preoccupied with persecuting Mr Donald Francis Smith, Jay Cameron has secured the court's endorsement of his Enforcement order we posted about earlier in November.


It appears that as Dr Yaniv pursued his litigious crusade against anyone he thinks to be he his intellectual inferior, Jay Cameron secured an order from the Supreme Court of British Columbia authorizing enforcement of Mme Cousinea's order for damages, as requested by the counsel for the Waxologists Mr Cameron, in an application made on November 8th, 2019.

This is following the sequence set out with the After Trial section of the Online Help Guide for the BC Supreme Court, something which Dr Yaniv would do well to pay heed, lest he wind up in as bad a situation as the victim of his wrath, Mr Donald Francis Smith.
Karma's a bitch, isn't it? That, and justice delayed makes it so so much the sweeter. I see a DO for Dr Yaniv within the year. The irony with this one is immense...

And as a follow-up, we've mirrored an article about Contempt of Court and its likely consequences. Wasn't Dr Yaniv bragging about how he had orchestrated prosecution of Mr Donald Francis Smith for breaching the order of a lower court?