Out of Office and Under Surveillance

We're going to be shuttering the PedoFiles (Jessica Jonathan Yaniv) section of Guantanamo North so we can concentrate our Covfefe attention on less well-manned engagements, as everyone and their dog wants to shit on Yaniv and we're butting heads. Consequently, I'm giving away the domains but you'll have to arrange for your own hosting elsewhere. If you want the existing content/art/records, we'll talk about a nominal (<100USD) gratuity for time and costs.

Send an email to stopping@pedofiles.ca or warden@gitmo.ca with your phone number and we'll talk.

I originally followed this clown for shits and giggles while there was a lull in our conflict with the Government of British Columbia, but my attention is going to be required to deal with shit-eating-proletariat who're trying to silence us and prevent our continued investigation into the fact that BC acts illegally with its forcible confinement and administration of noxious substances likely to cause death or grievous bodily harm to the detainee.

It's been fun farmers,
Case out.